BROWGAL The Weekender

Why CURA loves it:

Tint and define your brows at home, in your sleep. Boom, wake up with brows on fleek!


A clean and easy wipe-off stain that lasts up to 5 days.

Achieve fuller, thicker looking eyebrows at home. 

Simple tint application over clean brows before bed.

Available in two colors that blend naturally to all brow tones. 

Made without the yucky stuff:

Absolutely no animal cruelty or animal ingredients, paraben free.

How to use:

Use the included angled brush to carefully apply the product by outlining the bottom part of the brow following the outline of your natural brow shape.

Repeat on the top of the brow.

After outlining, fill in the interior and brush in. 

Leave the tint on for 30 minutes or until it dries. 

For BEST results, and darker/longer lasting results, leave the tint for several hours or overnight and remove in the morning.

When dry, remove with a warm washcloth, gently wiping away any remaining tint.

Crush your day knowing your brows are on point.