Why CURA Loves it:

Finally, one size that really does fit all!  This ultralight lightweight blow dryer attachment fits all full sized dryers. 


Evenly distributes the airflow from your blowdryer to gently dry, define curls, add shine, and reduce frizz in naturally wavy, curly or coiled hair.

Heat resistant prongs reach the scalp offering maximum volume and root lift.

12 controllable airflow outlets for faster drying time.

Dries hair efficiently and with minimal effort.

How to use:

Attach to the end of your blow dryer.

Start at the ends.

Gently scoop large sections into the diffuser, allowing natural curls to form.

Work up to the root.

Hold each section in place for several seconds before moving to the next section.

Continue until your hair is dry. 

Tilt your head to dip your hair into the diffuser.