BIO IONIC GrapheneMX™ Curling Iron 1.25"

Why Cura Loves it 

Hands down the best curling iron for long, thick hair. Creates long lasting curls with less damage! Long barrel saves time (and lives).


The barrel is 2” longer, making it easier to reach back sections and style long, thick hair.

1.25" round barrel is perfect for creating gorgeous beachy waves and soft curls.

GrapheneMX™ is a proprietary complex of natural minerals and graphene, the most effective heat conductor, that allows for ultimate styling results, even at a lower temperature.

The natural minerals in the GrapheneMX™ complex penetrate hair for superior conditioning, smoothness, and shine. 

Digital temperature control up to 385°F.

30 minute automatic shut- off.

Universal voltage for international adventures.

How to use

Use on dry hair, detangled hair.

When curling hair, smaller sections are key.

Make sure the size of your section is no larger than the width of the barrel.

Start by sectioning your hair in two big sections then take 1"to 2" sub-sections.

Wrap hair around the barrel, trying not to overlap hair. Hold for eight to 10 seconds, depending on your hair type.

For more structured curls, allow curls to cool completely before dropping.